Tuesday, December 23, 2014

November Recap

I guess I should post about November before it's time to post about December!!

November was busy, but not much craftiness was going on.

I taught a mother and daughter how to make cake pops.
I was taking a break from the long Wilton classes for November and December.

I also taught the table runner and the tree skirt from this collection. 
I call this "Christmas from a Layer Cake" because you can get four/five projects out of one layer cake (plus additional background/border fabric). I have a pattern to go with this that will go in my Craftsy store. It's almost ready, but I guess it's a little late to sell it this year...

The rest of the crafting going on was done by other people! 

At our annual Holiday Fest on base I worked the Photos with Santa booth, 
(terrible iphone picture of the card, because I haven't gone to the photo studio to get the digital copy yet.)

and the Woodshop ran this tea light holder project where you nail holes in a tin can in a pattern. It was really cool! This is Edeltraut, our fantastic employee at the Woodshop.
I spotted people crafting at the Bowling Center, which I thought was way cool! This mom was working on a play mat for her son.
 And I think this project was a child's vest, but I've forgotten now...
Anyway, it was fun to catch people crafting in public!

Ethan and I have gotten to do some fun things together.
He had a project to draw a "Tundra Biome," and I convinced him to paint it with watercolors. I got out my good art stuff and we painted together. I did the mountains and the sky. He did the rest. 

Here he is after we completed a puzzle.
 And we had some fun bowling together. He especially likes that he can beat me!
 He has been bowling in the youth league and has really been improving. He has a goal to score 150 and then he can have his own ball. I made the goal high after he scored this 81. Last week he got to 94! He may get 150 sooner than I expect...

Haven was pretty busy too. She and her friends sang at the talent show as an a cappella group. Haven wrote the song and the group together worked out the harmonies and "instrumental" parts, and the choreography. I was incredibly proud of them!
They didn't win, but they sure should have, in my completely unbiased opinion.

I've embedded the video, but I noticed the last time I did that it didn't work right. So if you can't see the video, click here to see it on YouTube. Oh, and sorry for the quality. I put Ethan on camera duty. o_O

We did have Thanksgiving in November too, but it was quiet with just us at home. We are very thankful this year for friends and for people who look out for us when we need it! And for the quiet times when we just have a moment to do something together and enjoy being a family.


Shirley Ann said...

Lovely photos Kelly! I listened to the video--wow! Very talented performers. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Corinnea said...

Wow, Haven all grown up is pretty awesome. Give her a hug for me.Love the pic you and Ethan did!

Jessica said...

WOW they sound great. Considering all the work and the product I think they should have too!