Sunday, November 9, 2014

October Recap

Man, October was BUSY. That's why it took me so long to post about September!

Ethan and I went to the Stuttgart Oktoberfest, which is actually called Volksfest here in Stuttgart. 

 Ethan is on that swing!
 Then Ethan and I took a weekend trip to Belgium to see a friend of mine.
We didn't do much sight-seeing because we were only there for the weekend. Ethan said when people ask him what he did in Belgium he will say "went to the grocery store. and then went to the grocery store again. and then went to another grocery store."
 The city of Mons has this little monkey statue on the city hall building. No one really knows why it's there, but they say if you rub its head with your left hand and make a wish it will come true.
 The NATO base is located there in Belgium, and this is me in front of all the flags of the NATO countries. They rotate them so that one country is never always in the center.
 And this really cool quilt was inside the building and has a quilt block for each country in NATO.
 At worked I taught another bag class. Not everyone finished in class, but Pam brought hers back in to show off!
I taught the Kaleidoscope quilt block, which makes a very pretty quilt. See mine here
I taught the Wilton level 3 course, fondant. Here's the girls with their graduation cakes.
 Felicia made a peacock out of her fondant flowers!
 I baked and decorated a whole bunch of cakes for a quinceanera. Read about it here.

 Our Canvas and Corkscrews instructor is moving. *sad face* This sugar skull was the last one I got to paint with Marta. We're looking for a new instructor, but it will take a little while before we can continue the program.
 Here's my painting! So bright and fun!
 And lastly we had a lot of fun on Halloween! Read all about the costumes here.


Shirley Ann said...

Wow, I love the painting you did! Great pictures of Belgium. That is neat to get a picture of the quilt!

Corinnea said...

You have been busy! Sorry you're loosing your instructor, it looked like such fun!
I never got to take Tim to Belgium... glad you guys got to see all the grocery stores!!

Such pretty cakes!!

Jessica said...

awesome costumes!
love the painting.
I miss all the traveling!