Tuesday, November 4, 2014

September Recap

I didn't get as many pictures in September as I should have, so this one will not be as thorough as other months.

I taught a sewing class to a group of fun ladies. The class lasted about 10 hours, but everyone finished their bags!
 I taught Wilton level 1 again, and this time I had an assistant!
 Felicia was in my first two classes, and she joined me for four weeks as my assistant. It was great having the help!

Haven turned 17!! It's hard to believe my little girl is so grown up. She still likes jellyfish, so I made her a jellyfish cake. It's all buttercream because I made it on the last day of the buttercream class. 
No pictures of Haven's birthday because she went down to Oktoberfest with some friends. My baby is grown up and goes to fests for her birthday. Sigh.

And here's Rob at the piano, because he's awesome.

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Shirley Ann said...

Okay, I need to get online and see what the schedule is. So much fun there! I am so obsessive compulsive with my sewing at home and I need to get out and do something else. LOL