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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clover Pants

I ordered my first pattern from Colette - the Clover pants

Colette makes patterns that are designed to be flattering on curvy women. The construction was easy and had easy to follow instructions. However I should have made a muslin first. According to my measurements I should have been a size 14, but they were way too big! It's possible because I made them out of super stretchy denim. I ended up cutting them apart and making them smaller, but then got them too small! LOL! Since they are stretchy though they are still wearable. They are jeggings now! I ended up putting a yoga band waist on them with a 3" wide elastic. I have never used the seam ripper as much on one item as I did on these pants! 

I don't know how long they will last, but I will wear them until they fall apart and then make another pair. I'm thinking I might try to make a pair out of floral fabric and give that trend a try. They'll be my muslin. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Backpack

I LOVE my old backpack but I thought it was a little big. And of course new fabric came in that was perfect for my second backpack!
 I used a different pattern this time and it's a little smaller.
 I made it exactly according to the instructions, with only one change: a key hanger. Oh, I lied... I did add one little zippered pocket for the unmentionables a woman needs to carry. But other than that the pattern was great as is!
The front pocket has little credit card slots, which I would never use for actual credit cards... but it's nice for little things like my name tag and usb stick. It would probably be fine for loyalty cards too, but with only a velcro closure nothing is going in there as valuable as a credit card!
 The fabric is a super lovely new line from Riley Blake called Vintage Verona.

Pattern is "Got Your Back Backpack Purse" from byAnnie.

So I was cleaning the sewing room today and found a whole huge piece of soft and stable! I wish I had found it BEFORE I made the backpack, but that's ok. I ordered more for the store so I can recommend it if I teach this as a class. So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to whoever left it behind!

This past week was Spring Break, however we spent it at home rather than our planned trip to Paris. Someone fell off his bike at the bike track and broke his arm. This kid. He said he was laying on the ground and didn't cry or scream, but yelled "dangit! I broke my arm AGAIN!" Poor thing. So he's in a cast again. This time it's his left wrist. I spent one day watching "how to fall" videos on YouTube with him to try to get some tips on how not to keep breaking bones. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Craftsy

I'm trying something new! I've decided to try and sell some quilt tutorials I've written on Craftsy. A lot goes in to writing up a nice tutorial, and I think I do a decent job. So we'll see if anyone bites! The first two I posted are the Carpenter's Star quilt I made for Mike, and the Hidden Hexagons quilt all made out of triangles.

To see the quilt tutorials I have for sale I have added a Craftsy bar across the top of the blog. Right now I only have two, but I hope to add more over the year!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Double Sided Quilt

A Kaleidoscope quilt had been on my Pinterest board for quite some time. In fact, I pinned two different versions without even realizing it! I made this quilt some time last year but never got it blogged. It hung in the craft store above the fabric line it's made from until a few weeks ago, and then I finally quilted it last week. 

I used fabric from the line Blythe from Robert Kaufman. I also made a shirt out of this fabric. 

I didn't paper piece this quilt. I didn't use a special ruler. I, like a psychopath, cut this quilt from a template and used 10" squares. And linen. I made a quilt with a gazillion points out of linen. It almost didn't work, but it was close enough that I was able to manage. If you want to make a Kaleidoscope quilt do yourself a favor and don't be like me! We will be stocking the Kaleido Ruler in the shop, so if you want to make one I would go with the ruler. 

For the backing I had some 6" hexagons cut out from the line so I decided to use them to piece the backing. There weren't enough for the whole quilt back, so I decided to "float" them in the gray fabric. I LOVE the back! I think I like it more than the front!

I used Moda's tutorial for sewing rows of hexagons together by machine. Gray hexagons and half hexagons filled in the holes to make it square, and then I added fabric around all four sides to make it big enough. 
I started quilting this quilt during a video interview with AFN at the shop. I loaded the quilt and did a little meandering to show them how the long-arm quilt machine works. Then I left it alone for a few days while we counted inventory. (Blech.) Then one morning I woke up and thought "BEES!" My quilt needs bees! People call the hexagons honeycombs because of looking like, duh, honeycomb. So between the flowers and the honeycomb, I really needed bees. So I picked out all the stitches I had done for AFN and started again with this pantograph from Digitech Designs.
So now I have a double sided quilt! And I love it!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Show and Tell (for real)

(note: I accidently posted this before it was finished. Oops!)

February was a really busy month for me as an instructor. I really enjoy teaching adult sewing classes. The only hard part is having enough different projects for the people who take multiple classes! 

I taught the Heart Twister wall hanging
I also taught the same lady as above (plus one other) Machine Quilting, but I forgot to take a picture! 

At Sunday Sewing one of the gals had some help from her hubby!

At today's Sunday Sewing I felt like a short order cook of sewing! All the ladies were working on something different and almost everyone needed help. So I had to keep track of several different projects and what their next steps would be. I kind of like that because it's never boring!

Andrea learned how to make PJ pants. 

We had some pillow case making, a tote bag, and a skirt that was started in a kids class.

 Lucy was all business trying to turn her UFO into a finished quilt top. A few more rows to go. That's it on the wall in the back of the photo. Beautiful, right? 

And Kim, who SWORE she would hate quilting, finished her first lap quilt and the backing fabric. She's already bought the fabric for her next project!

I love seeing how happy it makes people to be able to look at something cool and say "I made that." And I love seeing the students grow over the years that they are here!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Josephine Blouse/Tunic

The Josephine Tunic was released by Made By Rae a few days ago and I snatched it up as soon as I heard it was available! Those pleats were calling to me for months and I had fabric washed and ready to go and just waiting for the pattern. The pattern was so easy to follow and put together that I was able to print the pattern, tape the pieces together (much more fun when using washi tape, btw), trace the pattern, cut the fabric, and sew up the shirt all in one day!
Pattern: Josephine Tunic from Made By Rae
Fabric: Novella Rayon from Valori Wells

I really like the pattern a lot. I think it's a better fit for me than the empire waist of the Washi Tunic, even though I love that one too. My only complaint (if you can call it that) is that the sleeve cap is a little poofy. I think I will try to take out some of that next time so they lay a little flatter. 

Oh, and I used the pattern for the C/D cup and the pleat ended up under the bust... so I guess that was wrong. Whoops! I'll try the A/B cup next time and see if that puts the dart where it's supposed to be. It actually worked out fine because it looks a little like an empire seam. and it blends in with the busy fabric. So no harm done. 
This shot shows the pleats better but I was making a face because the sun was so bright. The weather here has been crazy! It's like spring even though it's still February. 

Oh, and those are purple pants I'm wearing with the shirt. Yep, purple. They are hand-me-downs from one of my really good friends. I was afraid with that much purple someone might mention Barney, but I made it through the day without any such comments! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Layer Cake Quilt

Fabric: PB & J from Moda

I love this fabric line! It is so pretty. It has all the colors that I love. If you look inside my closet, all my clothes are these colors! I haven't put on a binding yet, but other than that this quilt is done. I serged the edges after quilting so that it would be ok to leave in the store until I can get the binding on it. 

This quilt is the one that I learned the hard way that you cannot leave the computerized long-arm alone. It "ate" a block of my quilt. Super big sad face. I stopped the machine and stared at it for awhile. I managed not to cry, but it's my worst quilting fear - that I will rip a quilt on the long-arm machine. Someday I MAY pick the quilting out and replace the little square with the hole, but I doubt it. My colleague suggested I put a label there. It might take a big label, but it was good idea! 

This fabric just called to me too much to only make one quilt out of it. I think this will be the first time I've ever made two quilts out of the same fabric! I have a Trip Around the World in progress with the same fabric line.

BONUS: Do you spot the mistake?? I just saw it!! Well, that's one more reason to make another one out of this fabric. : )