Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Wars Halloween

The force is strong in my family. 

Ok, really, I just humor my grown up kid husband. Or rangled him into participating in Halloween by agreeing to a Star Wars theme. 
 How could I resist? 

Our new station in Belgium doesn't really have on-base housing, so MWR sponsors Trunk or Treat on base. This is our first year to actually get to give away candy instead of just doing the trick or treating. I was pretty excited to participate!
 Our little mini doesn't have much decorating space, but we managed to cram the whole cockpit of the Millenium Falcon in there!
 This is a lot of cardboard and duct tape! Will this rust bucket even get off the ground? 
Head for that small moon. Wait, I don't think that's a moon...

Ethan, use the force....
 The robe is a modified version of the Amy Butler Raincoat. I just made the hood bigger and belled out the sleeves. The tunic probably needs to be done over... but it worked ok. It is a modified version of a Kimono Wrap Dress. And the pants are just traced from PJ pants! Ethan thinks this costume is so comfy, I still catch him wearing it some days. 

Nautolan Jedi
 Haven's character is kind of a combination between these two characters:

Since she has the dreadlocks we wanted to play with them as an alien tentacle feature. Her body paint is just lotion mixed with food coloring! It worked brilliantly! I used the new Wilton color mixer set and followed the "recipe" for teal. It came off of her skin pretty easily, but it stayed in her hair quite a while. She ended up using hair bleach to get the last of it out.

I was Padme Amidala, in one of her costumes from Episode 3.
 Here she is for reference.

Now, she was pregnant in this costume. I most definitely am not. But this costume was the easiest and used the least amount of fabric. I used the Bianca Tunic pattern from Made by Rae for the top. I drafted up a turtle neck of sorts, and then cut it open in the front to form a tall collar. 

Bum bum bum bum bu dum bum bu dum...
Rob can't stand too long, so we had to make him a costume where he could be sitting the whole night. I was inspired by several wheel chair Tie Fighters I've seen on the internet (and once in person at the Star Wars convention!). We made him a lawn chair Tie Fighter! The costume is one of those cheapy onsie kinds. We chopped off the pants and just used the top and the cape. Then we ordered one of those voice changer helments and some nice Darth Vader gloves. 

It's all about the props! 

We wanted to have something cute for the kids, so I made this little knock down the can game. We had some balls, but we didn't want them getting lost in that field in the background. (Actually we did lose one...) So Rob whipped up these meteors out of duct tape! 

 Who's that driving my car????
 The R2D2 trashcan got the most attention, with the Tie Fighter/Darth Vader coming in second. 
This is a plain white trash can decorated with spray paint, painters tape and paint markers. 

We were not in the running for the trunk contest, since we work for MWR, but we got a lot of compliments on our set up. The winners had really awesome trunks, so we'll have to step it up next year! We have already started brainstorming!! 

And for the win - we reused our costumes to dress up for the opening night of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Nerd family for the win!

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