Thursday, December 25, 2014

Handmade Holidays

Now that gifts have been opened, it's time for hand made reveals! 
Thanks to the magic of internet I got to watch my mom, brother and sister in law open their gifts!

This Rock Candy table topper is made out of the remnants of one of my very first quilts, a bargello.
I need to photograph that quilt. It was pre-blogging. The border fabric is all wine labels. I had just enough left to make this table topper, a table runner for Shawna (my sister in law), and the plus table runner below, which is going to our landlord.

The second plus table runner is made out of a French looking fabric called Savonnerie.
 Funny story - about 10 years I made my dad a quilt. I gave it to him on his first trip to Germany. On his first day in the country. After a very long flight. When he got home he didn't remember where the quilt came from! He told me "SOME artists SIGN their work." LOL. So ... LABELS! I bought some fabric with pre-printed labels, so you just have to write your name in.
 I made this cat apron for a friend who did NOT want his face on the internet.
 I made the kids fleece PJ pants. Haven had picked out the robot fabric a long time ago, but I never got them made. So I ended up getting her some cat fleece and using the robot fleece for Ethan. But I had guilt for giving him her robots.
 So I made her some shorts. This photo says it all!
You want me to MATCH my brother?!?!?

 This is a really nice pattern!! I didn't really finish the pants because I thought they would need fitting, but they actually fit perfectly! Just need to shorten the legs to the right length.
I made this tester pair out of lightweight denim, so the next pair will need to be twill or something. So that means Rob has to go fabric shopping!! Mwahahahaha!!!

I helped Petrina with the pattern for her Quilt of Valor that she gave to her husband today. The stars glow in the dark!!!
 Megan was in the Kaleidoscope quilt class I taught in October, and this is her finished quilt top. It's beautiful!
 I made a new School House Tunic out of my favorite fabric from the 25th and Pine line from Moda.
 Here's a closeup of the fabric. I love it!

These cookies were supposed to look like a poinsettia, but I had a really hard time make red frosting. So I give you day glow hot pink poinsettia cookies!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I hope to see all of your handmade gifts too!


Shirley Ann said...

Love everything Kelly! Where do you get the labels for the quilts like that? I need to do that. Love the tunic. I have been wanting to try that pattern line and haven't yet other than the Craftsy course, but I haven't made up those patterns either! You are making pants for your husband now--wow! Nice! I have only made my husband PJ pants and got them too short. I should try again.

Jennifer said...

I ashamed I have not commented till now:( I love the school house tunic. I may make another...I gave mine away. love the cookies. Love see the kids!

Jessica said...

WOW I am so behind on blogs... and you have so much fun stuff in ever post! the cookies are so fun may have to steal that. though I am finally taking time to bake here and I am in the land of people who either don't eat sweets at all (aka crunch no sugar people) or they are super skinny and dieting...... ugh so lame....
the tunic is GORGEOUS i would never have picked that fabric of a bold but it is Striking on you!