Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Signature Quilt

Twelve years ago I started working at the best Arts and Crafts program in the Army. It was such a blessing to get the job and I loved it! I worked hard and when the job opened up to be the director of the program I applied. I never dreamed I would actually get the job! Nine years later I'm still here and still loving it!

Back when the store was "The Gussy Goose" we had a lot of quilters. When someone would move, one of the traditions was for everyone to make a block and sign it. Sometimes the blocks would go ahead and be pieced into a quilt top, and sometimes they would be delivered in a box for the person to put together the way they wanted.

I used to always joke, "I'm the one who never leaves. I'll never get a quilt!" Then a few months ago, when another employee was leaving, it dawned on me. Why not make my own memory quilt of everyone who worked with me?! Brilliant! I wish I had thought of it years ago!

I toyed with different patterns and nothing really felt right. Then just a few days ago I put the pieces together. I have been working on a postage stamp quilt of all my fabric scraps. What better way to make a memory quilt than to use THAT as my signature quilt?! 

So now for the signatures! I posted an all points bulletin on FaceBook and got a great response. More proof that you guys are the most awesome people to work with in the world! For those of you who said they would make a block and send it to me, this is your tutorial. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the memories we shared, what we learned together, and for your part in making the Arts and Craft program so incredible!

4 1/2" Signature Block

This is a preview of what the quilt will look like put together. The pattern is floating around the web, but I found this free pattern, if you are interested in making one yourself. I didn't use the strip method, but it's great for the rest of the pattern. 

 Step 1: You need a 4 1/2" block of white (please make sure it's really white, and not cream) and two 2 1/2" blocks of scrap fabrics. This is fun because I get to see something from your stash!

Step 2: If it helps, you can draw a diagonal line across the little squares. That's where you will sew.

Step 3: Stitch across the diagonal, with the printed side of the fabric facing the white.

Step 4: Line up the corner of the little block with the corner of the white fabric. Then press. This helps get it properly lined up and keep the square 4 1/2". 

Step 5: Add your name, which facility/department you worked in, and the years you were here. If you have a fabric pen/marker please use it. If not, a pencil is fine and I can trace over it with a marker when it gets here.

I plan to work on this quilt for a long time, so there is no rush to get your block finished! I'm going to start this tradition with every employee, volunteer, and contractor when they leave. So depending on how long I stay here, it could be a very long work in progress. When you are ready to stick it in the mail, just shoot me a message on FB and I'll send you my address. 

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being willing to participate in this quilt! I am so excited to start!

PS. This isn't my first time using this pattern. I had already started one with my BELOVED Modern Meadow that I finally cut into! This one is still a work in progress too, but about half finished. I needed to buy more white to finish it up. I started it as lap size, but loved it so much that I took it apart and added more blocks! I think it will finish out to queen sized.


Shirley Ann said...

Every time I see a post from you about quilting, it makes me want to get back into that a little more. You do such wonderful quilting! I made my husband a signature quilt for his 40th, having everyone in his family sign a square; it was beautiful! I love quilts because years and years from now, they are still a treasure and you just never know where they will be housed one day.

Corinnea said...

I need to get my piece to you. I think this is a great idea and I love the pattern you chose very much! I think you have inspired me to get my signature blocks out and try putting them together......