Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

I know it's a few days late, but hey, I still hope you have a great 2014! 

We don't really do resolutions, but we did start a Whole30, which is a month of really clean eating. I mean REALLY clean. Rob and I have used the Atkins diet principles to lose weight before, so we're fine with giving up bread, pasta, etc. But this one includes giving up DAIRY! Woah. No cheese for 30 days! Also, no latte. I know. 

It's been the hardest adjustment for Ethan because dinner every night is really healthy. More than usual. Tonight he cracked me. As I was cutting up a butternut squash he declared that "my dinner is always RUINED!" and stormed off to bed. I talked him into just giving it a try (it being a beef and pumpkin sautee that was really yummy) and he ended up eating three helpings! His last comment was "I wish there was more of this." HA! 

For my crafting goals I have a pair of pants to finish and fabric for a couple of shirts. But other than that I have given myself permission to not be sweat shop this year. I want to take it slower and focus on improving my skills. So I want to try some harder projects.

I can't wait to see what all my fellow bloggers are up to in 2014!


Shirley Ann said...

I absolutely love how you did these photos! You should have that in a picture frame too--how unique! I too have been focusing on healthier eating and personally giving up most dairy products (just me not the family). I am only baking with nondairy milk and really like the change! I made cornbread from scratch tonight with Almond Milk and they were delicious! Dinner is so hard to please everyone. I just have realized not everyone is going to be happy, so I don't feel so bad. LOL

Adrienne said...

Happy New Year to you, too! GREAT photos! Those sound like imminently reasonable goals to me. :) My crafting goal is to finish at least some of the projects that I have laying around in various stages of completion.

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't survive a day (a meal) in your house! No cheese?? My neighbor is a vegan and I cannot believe the things true vegans are not allowed to eat. Honey is one of them. If you thought I was picky, a Vegan is much worse! yes it's acceptable...anyway, I love the photos of the family!!! I can't wait to sew again when my stuff arrives maybe late march??!! ugh. I want to sew!!!!

Corinnea said...

Wow, I try to eat healthy but cheese and pasta are still staples round here.

Love your family photos! We really need to get more serious about those too.

I'm trying to concentrate on getting things more organized and getting projects done. Poor Jess despairs that I will ever be either....