Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Show and Tell

One of our employees, Whitney (left) is getting married, and leaving. Charly (right) wanted to make her a quilt and our new Valentine's fabric line was perfect. She made a simple strip quilt and it turned out great!
 But the real fun was in the quilting! I mentioned on Instagram that our shop got a Quilt Path. It's a computer that controls our long-arm! We downloaded a pattern called "conversation hearts" and let the long-arm do all the work while we stood back and squealed oohs and ahhs.
 Can you see it?? CAN YOU???

Here's the back view. The words are backwards, of course, but it helps you see how awesome it is.
 Last week I taught a class on how to do the Double Slice quilt. Lucy finished hers! It's a great quilt for beginners to build their skills and for anyone to get a quick and easy project put together. And it's a good size. One of the ladies in class made hers for her mother!
We have an amazing art instructor running a program called Canvas and Corkscrews. She has full classes almost every time she offers the class and runs private parties. I finally joined one of the parties and painted! I don't normally enjoy painting AT ALL, but Marta made the class really fun, and made everyone feel like they can paint!

So proud of my painting!

I thought about posting a pick of the sample painting, but decided not to. If I don't compare my painting to anyone else's I really like it. It's when I start comparing it to hers that I start picking it apart. Which makes no sense, right?


Shirley Ann said...

I have got to take that painting class!!! What a great job you did. I love the quilts. I need to get me a jelly roll soon.

Corinnea said...

They did great with their quilts. Love the quilting!

Your painting is fun!