Sunday, August 4, 2013

Star Wars: More about the Show Floor

I got tired after the last post and had to take a little break from Star Wars. :) Except that Ethan decided he needed to have a Star Wars marathon, so over the last few days we watched them in order from 1 to 6.

This is the follow-up to what was going on on the show floor. I guess there wasn't that much left to post!

Some droids chasing around kids waiting in line for something.
People in costume would stand for photos with anyone.  It was a lot of fun! Also funny to see them take breaks and just hang out. Like imagining actual bounty hunters having a beer at the local tavern. 
 This was quite a spectacle. I whole huge group of storm troopers and other bad guys. Who's that in the middle?? Is he from Halo?
 Get your hands off me!
 This was pretty cool - a lightsaber demonstration. They were really good! They had a little story they acted out. This was one of Ethan's favorite things that we saw.
 And here's where I totally geeked out. The actual artists who make Angry Birds were there!
 They were in the family area doing a little drawing class for kids. Which I joined with Ethan.
We had a blast! Here are our drawings.
Ok, that's it for the show itself. The last post I have is all the DIY stuff we put together to wear at the show. So one more post to go!