Monday, August 5, 2013

Star Wars Convention Part 5

Part 5: DIY

Last post on Star Wars! This one is about the stuff we made for the conventions. I knew there would be people there wearing really good costumes they had been working on for years. So rather than feel intimidated by that Haven and I tried something different. Have you heard of Disney Bounding? It's wearing regular clothes that give the idea of the character you are dressing as. Of course, with true Disney Bounding you actually go to Disneyland/world and take a picture with your character. So we gave it a try.

Haven and I channeling C3-PO and R2-D2
 R2-D2 shoes inspired by these. I actually did these in the hotel room the night before the convention started! They are my favorite thing made for the show.
I found a comfy white dress to mimic Leia. See my blaster necklace? That's a shrinky dink!
 Ethan doodled hair on his Chewbacca shirt with a Sharpie.
I made the bag two days before we left. Just got inspired and went for it! The "ammo" is made out of little blocks of wood spray painted silver. The bag is a simple messenger bag. I actually had to dye the elastic to get it the right color and I think that's the first time I've dyed anything at home. 
 Look like Yoda, do I? Not really. But it was the last day and I was done trying. 
Haven looking a little like Boba Fett. 
I made lots of t-shirts with the Silhouette heat transfer material. 

Shirts for Rob

 Shirts for Haven
 This one is my favorite
 Shirts in Action

I also made a few pins last minute. I did pins for good guys and for bad guys. 

Ok, that is it for Star Wars! I didn't mean for it to take so many posts to cover, but there really was a lot going on!  

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Jennifer said...

I want the little girl and the At-At silhouette! Where did you get it? If you can, send it to me? Or did you have to pay for it? Fill me in!! I have to make that for Emily!

I love all the stuff you did for this. GENIUS!!!!!!!!