Thursday, August 22, 2013

Previously Unblogged

About a month before I went to the States (back in July) I realized I didn't have enough "summer in Texas" clothes. I mean it's almost year round fall here in Germany and those clothes just weren't going to cut it. So I made a ton of new shirts for the trip. In fact, I'm not even sure now what all I made... I'll have to go through my photos and compare them to the closet! 

Well, this one I know for sure hasn't been blogged.

The tie front blouse is from Knip Mode from Hilco and it fits perfectly! I just love their patterns. I can always count on German patterns to be exactly the right size. They don't seem to change between companies. Thank you Jennifer for this fabric!
And the knit skirt is actually just a half yard of knit sewn into a tube and hemmed on top and bottom. It's tight enough that I don't even need elastic! But not so tight that I feel "on display." The idea is from Crafterhours Knit Pencil Skirt Tutorial but I didn't do lining or anything fancy.
 This quilt was my take on the triangle craze. I taught it as a class at work. It's so summery! I called it "Hidden Hexagons."
 I started with a couple of prints from Lucy's Crab Shack and then added 30 prints. There are five main colors, and I picked six fabrics for each color. I had fun with this process! It was a stretch for me since most everything I do is from one line of fabric.
I have several more things hanging up at the store that I need to photograph. I've basically become the store quilting instructor, so I've been churning out stuff to sell fabric and teach classes. Props to all you girls who used to keep the store so full of samples! It's a lot of work to keep it fresh.

And lastly, a rare moment where the kids were enjoying each other's company.

It's been pretty chill around here lately. I'm really liking the age the kids are at right now. Haven is getting really interesting and grown up. She has a boyfriend right now that I really like. I mean like enough to start planning the wedding... Of course SHE's not talking about that! Ethan is becoming more independent. He's made lots of friends in the neighborhood so there is almost always a kid over here or they play outside. I've had both the kids helping around the house more and this week Ethan did all his own laundry!! School starts on Monday. 4th grade and 10th. I feel so old but that's ok.

Oh, that just inspired me to share this pin from Katelyn:

Substitute coffee for tea and I'm there.


Corinnea said...

I love that top! I pulled the pattern out and have the fabric ready I just need to do it!
Your quilt is great! Nicely done picking all of the fabrics!
Leave it to Katelyn to find a cool sign like that... We need another sewing weekend!

Corinnea said...
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Jennifer said...

i love that top!!! and the skirt is adorable!! You look soooo cute! Which fabric is that? Silky? Navy or black? I can't tell! But it makes me sooo happy you are using it!

Adrienne said...

Ooh, I like that top! Actually, I like the whole outfit. It makes me think of Minnie Mouse. :)

Shirley Ann said...

I love your top! I need to check out that pattern magazine. The skirt looks great too!

Tina said...

I love the top and skirt. Both turned out great and look good on you. Love the triangle quilt. It does look like a wonderful summer quilt.