Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Star Wars Convention Part 3

Part 3: Main Stage Events

Between acts while people were waiting we had these guys as the opening act. DJ Elliot and Mark something. (Sorry Mark, can't remember you last name!) They were entertaining!
Warwick Davis was the host of the main stage. He was so cute! (and tiny!) He was one of the Ewoks in the movie. He was only 11 when they filmed it. He really was the most entertaining one up there - over the main guests. :)
Anthony Daniels was C3-PO, both inside the suit and the voice. He was pretty funny too.
Warwick made all the guests play trivia or recreate scenes from the movies.
R2-D2 running into him! Haha!
Carrie Fisher was interesting. I feel sorry for her in a way. So many random people just idolize her. She never really got to be anything except Princess Leia. She did have the funniest quote though. Someone asked her how she feels about being a Disney Princess now. She said something like "That's cool. You know, seeing Sleeping Beauty - wakin that B@%!&# up.... Hanging with Snow White - workin on her tan..." Nice.
The Fett-tastic Four was the most entertaining show. For my non-Star Wars friends, Boba Fett was one of the Bounty Hunters chasing Han Solo. He became one of the most popular characters of the first movies. In the new movies they showed him as a young boy and his father - who turned out to be the DNA for the clones. ANYWAY.

Apparently it took three people to be Boba Fett in the first trilogy, and then there was young Boba. So they were all there.
All these [old] guys took turns in the suit to shoot different scenes and movies.
Warwick had them play some pretty entertaining games. Here's young Boba showing off. (He was a pretty big show off...)
And then he had them do a "bounty" hunt in the audience. Anyone wearing a character shirt - but extra points for a wookie or a Luke Skywalker. Ethan was a wookie AND close to the front, so he got grabbed first!
GAH!!! On stage with all the cool guys!
The girls (Haven and her friend Jordan) were super jealous at this moment!

Then they had them re-enact a scene from the movie. They pulled a volunteer from the audience who just HAPPENED to be the missing Fett - Jango. (Dad Fett)
As if all this wasn't entertaining enough... Jango led them all in a native dance from New Zealand. Both him and young Boba (Daniel Logan) are from New Zealand.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay for Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker). There was another event going on at the same time that sounded really good. Well, I made the right choice. He was really interesting. He told some great stories and did some really good impressions of folks he worked with. I of course loved the Harrison Ford impressions the best!
I didn't know about all his voice acting. He did quite a few characters in cartoons that Ethan watches, so it was cool to hear him do those voices. I never would have guessed some of them - like the How to Train a Dragon series, Batman and The Regular Show.

Rob saw several more talks than I did. I skipped a few to take Ethan for food and stuff. I am not a super nerd like some of my fellow convention-goers, but I really enjoyed these interviews. Some more than others. I guess I geeked out a little - but mostly it was just really entertaining to watch everyone else geek out! :) I am really glad we went!


Shirley Ann said...

That had to be so much fun Kelly! We're going to Galacon this weekend...My Little Pony. :) One of my girls loves MLP and is so excited to go.

Corinnea said...

So glad you guys have fun!! I like that you all have your own levels of geekiness. You've made me want to go back and watch them again. I've forgotten so much.

Jennifer said...

Sooo cool Kelly! Just too cool. Had I known we'd have been there! Jon would have wet himself. So glad you posted all the pictures! it was all in English right? How did that go? (i'm talking about the people on stage).