Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Star Wars Convention Part 2

Part 2: Costumes from the floor

It was so fun to see people dressed up. I've always loved costumes. These people really love Star Wars!

Admiral Ackbar
 It's a trap!

Queen Amidala
 Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress
 So many of these costumes are hand made and just fantastic.
 Walking carpet....
 Darth Maul and the "Mother Talzin" who brings him back to life in the Clone Wars cartoon.
 Wheel chair TIE fighter!
 One of many Darth Vaders
 This is one of the costume contest winners who I had such a hard time getting a photo of. She hand painted all the swirls on her cloak! I don't remember her name... some lady Jedi. 
 A girl Mandalorian
 Some more Mauls (apparently they are called Zabraks)
 Closer look at some winners from the contest
 I saw this on Pinterest! Such a cute little outfit!

Tuscan raiders scare me.
 LOTS of Twi'leks all over the place. 
 Can you imagine going out in a swimsuit? Cuz that's kinda what this is like...
 But also covered in body paint.
One of the judges in the contest mentioned how these costumes are so much better than what they had on set. They have to make them to last and the ones on camera just have to look good on screen. As a seamstress and crafter I totally appreciate all the work that goes into putting one of these together. It was inspiring. I may never get to a convention again, but it does make me want to work a little harder on Halloween costumes!

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Jennifer said...

WOW the costumes are fantastic! It's been hot here so really all I can think is: that looks hot. as in sweat. But super cool!