Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day FLEW by. We barely had time to think about it and then it was over. I took strawberry cupcakes in to Ethan's class...
...and he took Goldfish as his valentine to share.
The fishbowl says "I'm glad we're in the same school." and is a free download from here.

Ethan has a great teacher this year! She used to teach a multi-age class, so she's used to having kids at different learning levels. She has been good about helping Ethan get better at the things he struggles with, and giving him more challenging work in the areas he is good at.
A chocolate apple for the teacher!

Rob and I kept it low-key for Valentine's Day. He gave me a very nice gift bag of yummy treats and I gave him this little handmade date night jar.
I got the ideas for the date night jar here. To get the number of days for the card I went here.

At work we got the Kissing Booth line of fabric from Moda.
It's a super sweet fabric line. I made two small projects with it for the store.

A baby sized quilt using this hour glass quilt block tutorial...

and a Twister Heart using Lil' Twister Ruler
I'll talk more about Twister quilts when I get them all photographed.


Corinnea said...

I know what you mean... time is just flying by me right now. Kids are growing too quickly!

Awesome valentine stuff. Ethan is so handsome. Glad he has a great teacher.

The quilts are great! Really love that twister pattern.

Tina said...

Lovely ideas for next years Valentines Day. I love the fabrics in the shop, and the quilts you made with them.

Jennifer said...

I really like the goldfish idea. EMily got one from a student in her class almost just like this but not as cute. I think the kids drew the fish bowl or something. It's nice to let the kids create stuff but not if it's a mess! I might have to do this printable one next year. Love the quilts!!! Red and brown are always good:)