Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read Across America Day

Oh my goodness, life has been busy ya'll! I can't believe it's already March! Yesterday was Read Across Amercia Day, and I think today is Dr. Suess' birthday. The school always celebrates Read Across America day by letting the kids wear their pajamas and bring sleeping bags and pillows and lay around and read all day. The PTA also organizes cupcakes for all of the classrooms.

Last year, having discovered Pinterest, I made Dr. Suess inspired treats for the class. The kids and teacher liked it so much I did it again this year. I don't think I ever blogged it last year because I couldn't find a post.

So here are the treats:

The Treat Table
 Goldfish in a pot inspired by The Cat in the Hat
 Green deviled eggs inspired by Green Eggs and Ham
 The cupcake on the right was made by one of the other parents and is Green Eggs and Ham. I was impressed by the little marbled marshmallow they used for the ham! Very clever!
 And my cupcakes were inspired by Thing 1 and 2 from The Cat in the Hat.
And lastly, my favorite, cake pop Truffula Trees from The Lorax.
Ideas came from the following sources: tea pot, deviled eggs, cupcakes, truffula trees

The best part of Read Across America Day was seeing my boy READ. 
Reading has been a long, hard journey in our house. Ethan doesn't enjoy reading for pleasure and fights against it. He is ok with me reading to him, but he doesn't want to read for himself. We started with the Tag reading system because we hoped that the electronic factor would get him excited. It did for the most part. Then I found the I Can Read series and that really helped. Ethan also had a great teacher last year, and a lady at the after school center who really helped him advance in his reading.

Then he discovered Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Ya'll, these books changed this boy's life! He went from barely reading 25 minutes a day to meet the homework requirement to sitting and reading for 2 hours at a time because he enjoyed it! The other day he asked me to buy the whole Wimpy Kid series in hard back. He actually said to me, "not those flimsy ones, the hard back ones." So if you are thinking of what to send him for his birthday.....


Corinnea said...

You're awesome! Love the food!

That is fantastic that Ethan likes to read now.

Jennifer said...

love all the Dr Seuss stuff! The cake pop sticks are soooo cool! And I love the blue frosting. Love everything!! Yay for Diary of Wimpy Kid!! I love that he will read for so long on his own. Sooo cool!