Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As Seen on Pinterest - Home Organization

I use Pinterest for more than just craft ideas - same as everyone! Here are a few home organization ideas we are now using around the house.

Using plastic bread bag tags for identifying plugs.
 Baking trays in a shallow drawer for organizing supplies.
 Lazy Susan in the refrigerator. I think this may be my favorite idea on this post!
 I'm also using some plastic baskets in the fridge, but mine isn't to THIS level of organized yet.

There's lots of ideas for organizing spices on Pinterest, but I like to keep mine lying flat in a shallow drawer. I used to keep them in the cabinet, but that was a mess. When we cleaned them out we realized how many duplicates we had because I bought more if I couldn't see the jar!
 Utensils used to be in miss-matched containers that were always falling over. Then I saw this idea.
I got these glass vases from the Ikea plant section. They are a great size. We can't get glass etching cream shipped to us over here, so eventually I'll take these into the shop and do some laser engraving on them.

Do you have any home organization tips you found on Pinterest? If so, feel free to leave a link in the comments!


Adrienne said...

Awesome!!! I need to put a lazy Susan in my spice cabinet. I <3 Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I'm all for organization!
Love you,

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure you like pinterest....:) I'm so in love with it because like you, I actually "do" my pins! I also did the bread tabs on my cords under my desk. I love it! I like the spices laying down in a drawer but haven’t done it. When we 1st moved in I started a list in Publisher on what spices I had and when they expired. I found out I had multiples of stuff I don't even use! The goal was to tape the list inside my cabinet but I keep forgetting to print it. I love seeing your pinterest inspirations so keep it up Kelly!