Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Week, One Pattern

I will be attempting this challenge: to wear one pattern in different ways for one week. You can either wear one garment for seven days and style it differently every day, or you can wear seven different versions of that garment, or some combination of those two. The seven days are March 24-30. I'll be at a training, so I'm leaning towards my favorite slacks. I have five versions of these pants. Two are capris, one cropped pants and two slacks. (I fell in my linen version and got a hole in the knee, so I thought I could cut them off for capris. I haven't done it yet, but I'm counting it in my five.) In order for this to work though I would need the weather to allow me to wear capris some of those days!

Or I could wear this tunic. I currently have three versions of this, but one is snowflakes fabric. So maybe not the best for March... maybe that could be the weekend outfit. This is my second option since I would need to make more of this to actually be able to wear it for seven days. I love this tunic and wouldn't mind having more copies. I would just need the time to make them before I fly. So..... we'll see. 

Do you have a pattern you would wear seven days in a row? Want to play along with me? Click the image at the top to visit Tilly and the Buttons and get all the details!


Jennifer said...

Really cool idea! i haven't made clothes in a long time so I have no favorites..oh wait I do have a top I've made several times. Square neck, puff sleeves. I woudl make that over and over again! The pants sound like the easiest thing to do since you have a big variety.

pearlswirl said...

Wow Kelly, I'm so impressed by how much of your wardrobe is handmade by you. And things like slacks too- that's so awesome! The only thing i ever made in multiple (I get bored pretty quickly...) was those voile tank tops a couple summers back... and it will almost definitely NOT be warm enough for those in March. but I have been thinking about doing one of those month-long challenges where you wear something you handmade every day. But i would have to not include handmade jewelry, or it would be too easy!

Corinnea said...

Oh my goodness! I'll be rooting for you for sure! You can do it!
I was trying to think about skirt week and I'm coming up blank. I haven't sewn for my self in months. acck!

Jessica said...

hmmm... I would wear the biased skirt mom did for skirt week last year 7 days in a row... I almost have enough of them too... I think that is about it though. I am already over re-wearing things because my prego wardrobe is so limited and I refuse to go buy more when I know I am almost done with it!