Monday, February 27, 2012

Cirque Dreams

This year Armed Forces Entertainment brought us Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy!
The show is actually from Broadway I guess, but this was a touring group that was traveling for the Army shows. Since they had to carry their whole set up with them, and we put on the show in the gym, the set up was smaller than the stationary one. But still really cool! They were even able to do some of the aerial acts which were awesome!
I didn't really get to see the show... I was backstage the whole time. My job was costume assistant to Molly, one of the performers. She changed every time she went off stage! The costumes were really neat. Some of them had giant head pieces! The cutest thing I saw was two of the jungle animals, complete with giant head pieces, fist bump each other right before they went on stage! It was also interesting to see how much work it takes to do what they were doing. They make it look so effortless on stage, but they would be so exhausted when they came off stage. I guess it just made it that much more impressive.
Here's Molly sans makeup. It was fun to listen to them backstage. I got to hear a hilarious story about getting their gear through the airport in Japan.  

Haven and her friend Catherine took some pics during the show, but they were sitting pretty far back and I didn't bring any special lenses. So most pics turned out blurry... 
So if you want to see a few additional shots of the show check out these from the official photographer.

And check out this video to get a little idea of what the show is. This is the actual Broadway show, so ours wasn't nearly this big. BUT, it's the same costumes and music so you can get an idea of what it was like.

It was a really neat experience, especially to get to be behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colored pics! And you and Haven and so cute!!!!
Love you!

Adrienne said...

So cool! I've always wanted to go see a Cirque show, ever since they brought the Cirque du Soleil show to Orlando. Even better that you got to be a part of it!

Corinnea said...

Very cool! How fun to see the action from that view point. I've seen one of those type of shows before and they are amazing.

Jessica said...

Oh wow that must have been so neat to see from behind the scenes!

Jennifer said...

I was just telling Jon i wanted to see this! Well telling him when it was still in Germany. Sooooo cool you got to go and be behind the scenes!!!