Monday, March 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Boston

As soon as I realized that this trip would coincide with St. Patrick's Day, I knew I would have to spend it in Boston.

I mentioned before that they started celebrating a week in advance. That was no joke. The college kids were out in full force the 7th and 8th, even though the parade wasn't until the 15th, and the actual day is the 17th. Apparently this is Boston's holiday. I've never seen so many AUTHENTIC ginger haired people in my life.

A little disclaimer before getting to the photos - it was very crowded and I wasn't always where I could see. So this is not even half of the groups that marched in the parade. It was 2 hours long!

Ok, moving on. It was a little hard to move foward trying to get out of the subway... I was on the stairs, thank GOD because the escalator backed up and people were getting squished trying to get off. Not injured or anything, just squished.

There were several Miss This and Ms. That's in the parade. I believe this was Miss Massachussets.
Who you gonna call??
Who were totally throwing mini marshmallows into the crowd.

Patriotism was the word of the day.
But there was some Irish (ish) stuff too.

The event is put on by the Veteran's Council here, and every branch of the military was represented.

I belive some of the people in this fire truck were wounded warriors.
These photos are for my hubby.
GAH!!! Storm trooper in a top hat!!!
Pirates? Why not!
Almost missed this guy! Dread Pirate Roberts!

There was a little guy dressed as a leprechaun, but I kept missing him. I missed him twice at the parade, and then I spotted him at Quincy Market later on and still missed him. 
Sneaky little things - leprechauns.
This isn't him.

Fun Irish rock band.
I'm embarrased to show this photo, but I felt obliged. This was the end of the parade. I should have gotten photographed at the beginning! The weather was icky. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I made my shirt. That's the main reason I wanted to share the photo.

The crowds were fun. That's really what made the parade. People were just having fun being silly.

So I found it odd that a parade to celebrate the Catholic Saint who brought Christianity to Ireland had nothing to do with him or Christianity at all. Just Ireland. And barely that. I would say that really this parade is a celebration of Boston, its Irish heritage, and American patriotism. And it happens to fall on St. Patrick's Day so everyone wears green. 

I guess the Catholic church was having some of the same thoughts because they actually pulled out of the parade and wanted to have St. Patrick's name removed from the title. Interesting, but that's a discussion for another time and place.

Oh, and I did NOT have green beer. I wanted to - but it turned out to be Budweiser with green food coloring. o.O I had my first Irish coffee instead.

Okie doke! I hope you enjoyed the parade!


Becky said...

Speaking as a flute player, I'll admit that it would definitely take some skill to play the piccolo while riding a unicycle. Even more impressive if he managed to play in tune. Piccolos are jerks like that.

Also, I am amused by the Irish pirates and the hat-wearing Stormtrooper.

Jennifer said...

So cool to see this! While I do think it odd that there is pirates and such in the St. Patrick's Parade (maybe there is a logical reason?) I think the church needs to lighten up. Christmas is the same way. Let it be to some what it's not to others. or something like that! Anyway, love seeing all these!

Shirley Ann said...

Such great pics Kelly! Especially love the one of you in your new shirt!