Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter's Lane Quilt

This is another project I started more than a year ago and FINALLY finished this year. I made the quilt top in just a few hours, but then had the genius idea that I should hand quilt it! I don't know why I do these things to myself... But it turned out really pretty and I'm glad I did it.

Here's a closeup of the stitching. I used embriodery floss so it would really stand out.

Have you snuggled under a hand quilted quilt? They are just so much more comfy than machine quilted. If it didn't take me like a year to get one quilted I would probably hand quilt everything!

Fabric: Moda's Winter's Lane
Pattern: I just kind of made it up... I think I've seen a pattern like this before, but I can't remember a name. 


Shirley Ann said...

I'm impressed with your quilting skills, again. I tried hand quilting once--that is not easy! I gave up. ha ha This looks gorgeous.

Corinnea said...

It's beautiful!! I do love hand quilting.

Jessica said...

the quilting is gorgeous. And my hand quilted ones are a favorite... but the time they suck is ridiculous! This is gorgeous I love the colors all together!