Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sewaholic Shirts

I got a few items of clothing made so far this year, but only have two of them photographed so far. 

Both of these tops are from Sewaholic Patterns

Renfrow Shirt

It was really cold outside, so my face is kind of funny in this photo! But the shirt is warm and snuggly. I used some ribbed knit from Fabric.com and it is very soft. This is my favorite knit shirt that I have made so far! I made a size 14 and it fits perfectly. I really like the long sleeves, but some people might think they are a little too long. I did alter the hem to have the curved shirt tail look. Oh my goodness, that hem seam is crazy! I really need a cover stitch machine for nice hems. I didn't have green thread on hand so I thought I could get away with white. Not with those crazy uneven stitches!

Granville Shirt

Next up is Granville, Sewaholic's newest release. I downloaded the PDF pattern almost the second she posted that it was available. You guys, this is a NICE shirt pattern! I made a size 14 with no alterations. I thought it might be a little snug around the waist, but it's not. I think I could have taken it in a little at the hips, but I really like the flair. It makes a nice shape on the sides!

The fabric on this one is a dot pattern from Robert Kaufman. Funny story - those dots started out white. I washed the fabric with a piece of black twill for some pants for Rob. Not a smart move. But the good news is that I like the fabric better with the muted dots. The bright white dots made me dizzy! So tradegy avoided, but just barely!


Shirley Ann said...

Looking great! LOVE the Granville shirt. That photo of you in it is really nice! You should frame that one. I think I will have to get that pattern because I want one now!!

Corinnea said...

That's gorgeous on you! Funny I was just looking at the pattern this weekend. Now I will probably have to get it.

Jessica said...

Looks good! I love sewing with knits but seriously I hate the hemming. HATE IT it never turns out the way I want... that is why I have mom band everything now...