Monday, July 29, 2013

Star Wars Convention Part 1

So we just got back from the Star Wars Celebration Europe. I didn't really realize what a big deal it was until I realized it was the actual Star Wars (Disney) people putting it on. Mickey didn't make an appearance... but there were some big names there!

This was our first convention and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I would do it again. The whole family went. I've posted a lot of pics on facebook, but I wanted to give a little run down of some of the highlights. This will have to be over multiple posts, otherwise it would be the longest post in history!

So I thought I would start with the costume contest. 

The costumes at the event were just amazing. So many are hand made - even the metal and molded plastic ones. People really put a lot into making things just right. 

Here are the winners in each category.


Tiny Jawas!
Gonk Droid
This girl was someone specific... but eh... I don't remember. 
(Side note: you'll realize I'm not really THAT big of Star Wars nerd as I try to remember what things are called and fail...)

Aliens, Droids and Outer Rim

GIANT Wampa - seriously this guy was on stilts or something.
This guy was hard core. He even tracked down the original shop that powder coated the real costume in the movie and had them do the gold on his.
It was really hard to photograph him cuz he was so shiny.
Dat guy. I have no idea what species he was or what his name was... sorry.

Clones, Storm Troopers and Mandalorians Category

Dark Side

See that Darth Vader in the wheel chair? That was awesome. That guy on the right is not Darth Vader. He was some other bad guy - I presume from the books or comics or something.
This girl deserves a closer look. Her light whip really lights up and everything!

Rebels (The good guys)

There was a third girl but I could not get a good picture of her for anything. And that guy on the left is actually a girl from Japan! She did a little performance too and was amazing. 


Beautiful! All the costumes required a ton of work, but of course I really appreciate these because of all the hand sewing that went into them.
This yellow one won the Best in Show too. Her dress was covered in hand made roses and all the embroidery on the skirt was done by hand. It was beautiful.
Ok, so this was just the official costume contest. There were amazing costumes everywhere!


Corinnea said...

So much work!!

Hemo Valencia said...

The one guy without species/name is based off female character Aurra Sing.

The 2nd Sith is Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The female sith is Lumiya.