Monday, April 15, 2013

Washi Dress and Tunic

I finally got around to making the Washi Dress, and after one I couldn't stop!

I made the first one as the full length dress, with pockets. (Love the pockets!)

I can't remember the fabric name, but I've been saving it since Corinnea made her School House Tunic.
The dress version is with no alterations.

The second version is the tunic length out of the purple from the same line. At first I put the shirring lines in the wrong place and it was WAY too tight. I picked out all but three lines and I think now it's actually the best fit.
I really like doing the top stitching around the neck so you can see it. It has an Indian feel, don't you think?

Number 3 is with Joel Dewberry Heirloom, which I've been hoarding for awhile waiting for the perfect pattern. I love this one!
The first two were a little snug in the chest area. Instead of doing a full bust adjustment I just widened the bodice about 1/2" and it gave just enough breathing room. If you do something similar remember to adjust your neck facing too!

I also switched the pleats to point away from my belly instead of towards the middle. This made the front lay a bit flatter. This is important because if it "poofs" out I look pregnant! This is a side effect of a round belly and an empire waist line.

You can see from the back though that I need to hit the gym... The shirring is not at a pretty spot on my back.

For the fourth version I was inspired by Rae's two-fabric Geranium dresses. I added piping and a contrast band at the bottom. This one is my favorite!

I also added a back dart to try to give some more shape over my tush. Steph C wrote an interesting post called "Cup Sizes for your Derriere" that you might want to read if you have any shape to your backside. It is more for bottoms than tops, but I wanted to share anyway.

I think I will make at least one more version and use a longer sleeve. I don't like showing so much of my arms. I also may try stitching down the pleats just an inch or so and see if that helps with the unwanted maternity look. 

One last thing about this pattern - I thought you might like a comparison between Washi and School House tunic. These two patterns have a lot in common. They both have pleats, empire waist, and are of course tunics. I like the pleats and the neckline in Washi. You don't have to wear a camisole under this one like you do under the school house. I also like the pockets in the Washi and the shirring on the back, even though it may need some tweaking on me.

What I like better on the school house tunic is the sleeves. I prefer a longer sleeve on my arms. 

Overall I really like the Washi Tunic and am glad I finally made it!

If you shop at Patch Arts and Crafts we carry both the Washi Tunic (and School House Tunic), and I will be teaching it as a class later this summer. 


Jennifer said...

You are really making want this pattern. I too am not fond of the sleeves (I do like them just would prefer more coverage over my tattoo) so I want to see what you do. How did you decide on your size? Did your measurements go with the suggested size or what??

Shirley Ann said...

Ooooh la la....I LOVE all of them. I guess I am going to have to get that pattern for myself. :) Your fabric choices are fantastic. I love the piping you did to the last one and I especially like the fabric of your first photo...wish I had that myself!

Shirley Ann said...

Is that pattern at the craft shop or did you have to buy online?

pearlswirl said...

I can't believe you made 4! It's such a nice shape. I also prefer the bottom one just for the colors and piping but they're all so summery and nice! :)

Corinnea said...

You are amazing. I need to go sew clothes right now..... Instead though I will hem pants for a customer.

I love all of your choices. I'm now thinking I like this pattern a lot and want to make one too. Of course if I could fit into my school house tunics maybe I wouldn't need new clothes :p

Jessica said...

like last one the best too!
I am with you on tops not being maternity looking. There are so many tops I loved before I had kids but now when I put them on all I think is I look prego... which is not what I want to feel like when I am working really hard to not look prego... I like this shirt WAY better then the school house tunic. If I tried it it would have to be in a voile do you think that would work well?