Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pirates can be charming!

We started selling Riley Blake fabric at work, and I was taken with the Ahoy Matey line! Normally I'm not into skulls and stuff, but the map fabric is what really got me. This line is so cute!!

UPDATE: Whoops. The fabric is called Pirate Matey.

I wanted a quilt that would show off the line and have kind of a nautical feel. Then I remembered I pinned this Moda Bake Shop recipe ages ago: Charming Stars. Riley Blake lines have 21 to 24 fabrics instead of 42 like Moda. So I bought a 10" stacker and cut it into 5" squares to get enough fabric for the 12 blocks. 
The quilt isn't really as crooked as it looks. It's hanging on a wall at work and was a little tricky to photograph because of the other things around it. Having it hanging in the store has sold a lot of fabric!

I like the simplicity of this quilt because it doesn't over power the fabric, but it is more than just squares. 
I quilted it on the long arm using a pantograph. The swirls remind me of water, and there are little elements that look like fish tails. One part reminds me of the head of the hammerhead shark. I really like how it turned out!