Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lone Star Quilt

Since today is National Quilting Day I thought it would be the perfect time to unveil my completed Lone Star Quilt, AKA the hardest quilt I've ever made. And that's saying something!! I've made some pretty time consuming quilts, but this baby was ALL bias sides and Y seams. There was some serious stretching going on!
But it's beautiful and I love it! The fabric is Flea Market Fancy and the solid is Kona Charcoal.

I decided to quilt this on my home machine, but machine quilting is not like riding a bike! It's been quite awhile since I last quilted at home, and my lines are waaaay crooked!

I printed a design from the internet and used chalk to rub the design onto the solid squares. This method worked brilliantly! I will be doing that again. For the corner triangles I enlarged the square design and just used half of it. The center star is quilted with a swirling starburst design.

The quilt is hanging high on the ceiling in the store, so you can't really see all it's imperfections up there. And from a distance it really pops with all the bright colors against the gray.

Remember, today is the last day to enter the give-away for a fabric bucket made out of these same fabrics! Go here to comment for a chance to win! The winner will be announced tomorrow.


Adrienne said...

Oh, Kelly, this is beautiful! Love the detailing on the squares. :)

pearlswirl said...

Oh my gosh, this is sooooo pretty! I love the flea market fancy + grey charcoal combination, the same as on MY new basket ;)! Which i cannot wait to get! It will totally brighten up my dissertation-weary soul. :) And you're crazy talking about the imperfections on this when it's so gorgeous!

Jessica said...

It turned out SO gorgeous!! I want one but I don't think I want to make one! I need to move somewhere colder so having lots of quilts makes more sense :)
i love it. I love your fabric choices!