Monday, October 22, 2012


The store has started carrying Birch Fabrics, which I am SO excited about!!!
We got in the Scamper line to see if our customers would buy it. Since it's organic it's pretty expensive. But it feels amazing! I think it's selling pretty well.
 I paired a piece of the hexagon print with some cream fleece and then hand-quilted around the hexies with embroidery floss.
After about one week of quilting in the evenings it was finished.
 Just in time for a brand new baby! This is one of the families from our church.
Look at that face! How precious!


Shirley Ann said...

What a beautiful quilt! Your stitches look perfect. What a cute baby!!!

Corinnea said...

That is so cute!!! I am so glad you all get such awesome fabric and I so wish you were just around the corner (not just for the fabric =))
What a sweet baby and what a great gift!

Tina said...

The quilt is awesome, I love your choice of hand quilting with the orange thread, the quilt looks warm and comfy.

Jennifer said...

love this Kelly! Adorable and the hand stitching makes it perfect!

Jessica said...

Oh wow! Beautiful quilt and yummy new baby! Love the hand stitching!