Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today is homecoming, and Haven's first high school dance!
 The girls came over to get ready at our house since it's in walking distance of the base.
 That was great for me because I got to capture all the silly moments!
 Haven's boyfriend came to pick her up. 
 And brought a corsage. (They don't do the homecoming mums here.)
 AW! Haven and Antonio have known each other since around 1st grade! And his mother was Ethan's caregiver in the daycare! We've known each other a long time!
My group picture turned out blurry. :( But don't they look adorable?!? Oh LOOK! I just noticed that the boy's ties match the girl's dresses! How sweet!


Katelyn R. said...

wow, how did her hair get so long? have I been gone that long?

Shirley Ann said...

Great photos. I especially like the one of putting on the corsage.

Corinnea said...

All grown up *sigh* Everyone looks lovely and handsome.

Jennifer said...

awwww.....she's all grown up! i hope they had a wonderful time. Tell haven she looked gorgeous!

Rory said...

is he a believer?