Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage-esque Suit

When I found this fabric I knew it was destined for a suit of some kind. I was thinking something in the realm of classic Chanel, Mad Men, Pan Am or something Jackie O. would have worn. 

The skirt is my standard straight skirt pattern using my measurements, but this time I added a tailored back vent, which I am quite pleased with! The jacket is Butterick 5332, which I've made once before. I really love the way it turned out! I'm not exactly sure what kind of fabric it is. First I thought it was boucle, but that's not right. I looked up tweed, but it doesn't look like that either. It's a very loosely woven yarn over a less loosely woven base fabric. Hard to explain... It's a pale mint green and white. Whatever the fabric is I love it! It has a super drape to it so the bell sleeves aren't too stiff, but it has enough stability that the waistband stays put. 

I wore it to work for the first time yesterday and got lots of comments that it looked like the 60's and that it was really nice. I wish I had had little white gloves and a handbag for the photo shoot but oh well!

BTW, did you know that this is Me Made May? Thanks to Zoe and her "Me-Made" challenges I have almost a completely handmade wardrobe! I never would have dreamed I could do that. I decided not to be a participant in the challenge anymore since it's my way of life, but I encourage anyone out there to try it! It's easy to start out with simple things, like handmade jewelry, and then keep building your wardrobe. It's so rewarding! 


Corinnea said...

I totally thought Jackie O when I saw the photo! I am so very impressed with what you've done! Beautiful photo.

Jennifer said...

it is gorgeous! Awesome job Kelly! The styling, the photo; everything is perfect! I love that jacket!

Jessica said...

oh la la!! This is a sweet outfit!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a movie star!!! WOW!!!
Love you!