Friday, May 4, 2012

Prairie Girl Refashion

Does anyone remember when I made this dress? It's ok if you don't. 
I made this dress in 2010. I think I wore it once - for this photo shoot. I decided the length was awkward for me and the slip hung funny and clung to my body in a weird way. So it languished in my closet... lonely and forgotten. Until last night when I had pity on it.
WOW! Did I get OLD? I look like TWELVE in that first picture!

First I cut out the skirt lining. Then I just wacked off the bottom and hemmed. Took about 15 minutes and now I have a shirt that I LOVE! The pattern is called Prairie Girl by Favorite Things.


pearlswirl said...

Kelly, I am SO impressed with this, and especially with your white skirt suit!! You look beautiful and so do the clothes! I'm so inspired! I am technically doing the me-made challenge but since my machine broke and I've been so busy with schoolwork, I won't have enough items for a fresh one every day of the month. But i am enjoying the challenge of styling everything differently so it doesn't get old, and i will be able to make a couple more things (mostly just little things) before the month is done.

Corinnea said...

Lovely remake! You look gorgeous in both photos!

Jennifer said...

looove it Kelly! I bet you're kicking yourself for not doing this a while ago! it's much better as a top soo cute~ Love you hair!