Friday, March 30, 2012

OWOP Day 7

I made it through one week of wearing one pattern and only had to repeat once! Today's pants are technically a combination of two patterns but I am claiming them as Vogue 1051. The process with my jeans went like this: The Burda pants pattern I started with was not a good fit. Legs were too wide, waist was too high. The first thing I did was use the Vogue pants to taper down the legs of the jeans. Then I used the Vogue pants to adjust the waist height to be more reasonable for my super short torso. I almost had it right and then realized the waistband on the Burda jeans would have to be completely redrafted. A straight waist band is just worthless. I had to draft a curved waistband, so out came Vogue. At this point I have a pair of denim Vogue 1051 pants with the yoke, back pockets, and the little little coin pocket coming from the Burda pattern. So, clearly Vogue 1051 is a winner!!! I love the fit of these pants!

My parents have joined me in Washington DC for the weekend. More pictures to come, but here's my favorite shot of the day.
Washington Monument through the branches of the last of the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin. The Cherry Blossom festival starts this weekend. It's the 100th anniversary of when the Japanese gifted the trees to Washington DC. Unfortunately they all bloomed two weeks early this year and most of the trees have already dropped their blossoms! I did get to see them last week before they all fell off and they were very pretty.

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Adrienne said...

Oooh, this is my favorite outfit so far. :) And I love those flowers!!