Friday, March 30, 2012

OWOP Day 6

This picture isn't really fair to today's outfit, but I didn't get a shot of me alone. This is my class photo for the training I am attending. There are five other classes of 15-16 students attending the same training, but they break us out into small classes.

The capris are Vogue 1051 in a beautiful wool pinstripe. Yes, I said wool. If you know me at all you know I can't stand wool. These are ok as long as it doesn't get too warm. They start feeling itchy if I get hot. The shirt is Simplicity 2191, the short sleeved version, made out of a super soft silk/cotton blend. I will have to get a better picture of this outfit another time because I really like it.

This afternoon a few of us went up to Old Town Alexandria... which is not as old town looking as one might think from the name. They do have a cute little boardwalk out by the Potomic River and a nice restaurant/shopping street.

 I was MOST excited to see my first real life yarn bombing!
The graffiti on the sign says "Art is not a crime." This was a pretty art laden part of town. We also went into the Torpedo Factory Art Center which was really neat. Each little room inside the center is a separate gallery and studio space for an artist or group of artists. Some were still open when we got there but most had closed already. It looks like they also offer classes. If you are up in this area I recommend walking through. It was a really neat concept for a gallery space.


pearlswirl said...

Great outfit Kelly! I think it's just so awesome that you MAKE your PANTS!!! I respect that so much. That yarn bombing is hilarious too! If i could knit I would definitely be doing that over everything!

Corinnea said...

I am so impressed with your sewing! Everything looks great.

Zoe said...

Hi Kelly! SOOO glad you are taking part in MMMay'12 again this year! Thanks for your lovely comment on the sign-up post. To hear that I might have inspired you is such a special thing. Good luck with the undies!

All the best
Zoe xxx