Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catching Up

I got a little behind on posting, so this one is mostly for the family to see the kids. (And by family I of course also mean my friends who read who are practically family! You know who you are!)

Some of you asked for a picture of Haven's blond hair. Well, this was a goofy pic we took one day when she had a little too much fun with the hair dryer.
 Her hair is now black again. Yep. Blonde is hard to maintain when you're naturally a brunette. She got tired of it. The kids at school were heard saying "How many times CAN a person dye their hair?" To which we say, we'll let you know when we get there. I figure hair color is one of the safest forms of self-expression available to a kid and I SO don't want her exploring some of the alternatives the other kids are already doing.

Ethan made a bird house at church over the course of a couple of weeks. He is so proud of it!
He even got to cut the boards with a little saw. He told me about its progress every Sunday. It turned out adorable! The nets are little baggies of bird food and nuts.
This is it sitting outside on a plant stand. It's too cold outside to stand out there long enough to figure out how to hang it from the balcony overhang!

And here's a few shots of Ethan's Valentine's Day party at school.
 The Valentine's Gobbler in action!
Someday I hope Ethan will be more comfortable in front of the camera. He always gets this wide eyed crazy camera face when I point the lens at him!
Here he is with his BEST friend.  
 And his teacher playing a round of Valentine's cake walk.
And his table-mates in his class. 


Adrienne said...

Oh blessed bovine, I LOVE Haven's hair! She cracks me up! So cool that she wants to do it, and so, SO coll that you're letting her.

Ethan's little bird house is sweet. Do you have a place where you can put it up?

Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

Corinnea said...

Tell Haven she's gorgeous no matter what hair color she chooses! My sis used to change her hair color like that too and like Haven, she looked good in a lot of different colors.... Not me...
Ethan reminds me of my boys. They all went through a stage like that.. wait, some of them still aren't out of that stage! ha ha He is handsome and so grown up. It is so weird what a couple of years can do. It is so weird that it's been almost two years.....
Thanks for the update! Miss you.

Jessica said...

Oh funny. I am definitely for safe forms of self expressions. Hair is perfect!
I think Beau still has problems with taking photos...hopefully Ethan outgrows it before he's 30 - haha!