Friday, February 10, 2012

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Did you know you can "Pin" videos? You can! 

We just got some new waxed cord in at the shop and this is what I was excited to make with it!
We also sell loose beads and have bead boards and tools at the "Bead Bar" where you can sit and work on your creation. No need to buy tons of stuff when you just want to make one of something.
This bracelet took 41 little beads, but I wish I had made it longer. I thought it would wrap three times, but it ended up only going around twice. It's pretty though! I can't wait to make another one!

Want to make your own? It was really easy! I watched this video tutorial to learn how.

I could have called this "As Seen on Pinterest, part 2." Maybe I should start a series... like every Friday or something. Of course that would require actually making something every week... we'll see!


Corinnea said...

I just Repinned this pin! I love yours! Yes please make something new each week!
Love ya lady!

Jessica said...

Oh I think a series would be great!

pearlswirl said...

It's really pretty! Nice colors. I agree, the weekly pinterest post would be awesome! And think of it more like productive motivation.

Jennifer said...

really really pretty kelly! i love double wrapped looking braclets.