Friday, February 3, 2012

As seen on Pinterest

Raise your hand if you're on Pinterest! How many of your family members asked you why you raised your hand? If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, what are you waiting for? Oh, you think it might be so addictive that it sucks all your free time and you'll never accomplish anything again ever? Well, there's that. BUT there's also stuff like THIS:
I saw a KNIT pattern for a scarf sweater, but I don't knit. So I filed it away in dream land. And then I found this tutorial for how the sweater is constructed, and the blogger crocheted hers. BINGO!
Now that I see my pictures I realize I should have done one more iteration of the pattern. It should have been wider. Here's a close-up of the chevron pattern. (The line in the middle is the back seam.)
This took me a little less than a week and was mostly done in the evenings watching TV with the hubby. Nice and relaxing! It's alpaca yarn. It's nice and snuggly, but due to my insane sensitivity to any fiber that came from an animal I have to wear it over a tightly woven shirt.
I really like the result but want to try again making it wider. The only drawback is you can't raise your arms very high. And you have to kind of adjust it all day so it stays where it should. Worth it though!

Anyway... so are you on Pinterest? If so, put a link to your boards in the comments! I would love to see what inspires you!


Adrienne said...

Cute!!! I love Pinterest. It's my new cook book, among other things.

Corinnea said...

Awesome!!!!! You're so cute! Love the wrap!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe you made that!!! I didn't know your crocheting abilities were this fantastic (I hope that's not insulting). I didn't know and I'm so impressed as usual:) Not afraid to take anything on. You crazy girl! It's adorable! Pinterest is crack. I have made sooo many things (food, crafts, home improvment, etc) from my pins so I say it's so worth it!

pearlswirl said...

Wow, this is sooo professional-looking! Very impressive. No, i'm one of the few who's still holding out against pinterest but the pull is getting stronger and stronger so I'll eventually just have to sacrifice sleep, a social life, and my academic life in favor of crafting. Which, actually, sounds pretty awesome.

Jessica said...

I LOVE this! I saw it on Pinterest but now seeing yours I WANT one! To bad I don't knit or crochet! Maybe I can talk Mum into making me one I think it might be awesome for nursing!

ssuper_starr said...

I'm just starting to crochet because of all of the wonderful things I've seen on Pinterest! I'll attempt this project one day. Pinterest is totally addictive!