Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sis Boom Boxers

This is from the Louey Boxer Shorts pattern from Jennifer Paganelli. Ethan had told me months ago that my sewing was no good if I couldn't make pants. I took that as a challenge and learned how to make pants! How many pairs have I made now? ... 4 pairs of pj pants, 2 pairs of slacks, and now Ethan's pj pants. I would say I passed his challenge. Well, anyway, he really wanted pj pants and he picked this fun striped flannel. The boxer short pattern was actually for shorts (duh) so I just extended the leg to make it pants. It worked. The pattern is really good. I will use it again. After today's fabric frenzy there will be lots more flannel coming in to make pj pants out of.

So this is my third post today. If you're looking at posts on my blog page be sure and scroll down so you don't miss anything!


Anonymous said...

Three posts in one day! Amazing! Have a look here (

There's a surprise for you.

Corinnea said...

I miss that face!!

The pants are cute. I'm not surprised you exceeded his expectations! ha ha.What was he thinking challenging you? I've been waiting to try that pattern. Glad to know it's a good one!

Jessica said...

I try an challenge mom to get stuff i want done... hahaha... it doesn't work as well on her though : P Love the PJ's!