Thursday, May 20, 2010

Schoolhouse Tunic

I know I'm the last one on the tunic bandwagon... but I finally made one! I am still so annoyed at the weather. This top lets me feel summery and still be warm. I was inspired by Kara's tunic that she did in two colors. Kara, did you post a picture? I checked on your blog, but didn't see one... I added the cuffs to the sleeves to add more color to the top. Anywho... it was fun. Thanks Corinnea for taking the pic. We were both freezing and trying to leave the shop. My choice of pictures was way-too-big-smile and almost-smile. Way-too-big-smile was scary, so almost-smile it was! Ha!

Oh, and today is my birthday. :)


corinnea said...

You look BE U TI FULL! I love the way this turned out.

Sorry about the lack of any photos skills, it took me about three hours to thaw out last night. I'm really not joking.


insanely crafty said...

Fun you all need to wear them at once and get a group picture.

TheBlackForrist said...

I second the group picture idea =]

i did post pics, but it was before I altered it... I took new ones of my alterations, I'll post them just for you!

Jennifer said...

Love it! Loooooove itttttt!!