Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun things

Had a nice birthday celebration. Nothing elaborate. Yesterday Mary brought strawberry cupcakes. Mary, these were the best they've been so far! She is the queen of cupcakes! (She's the blonde in the picture with me, for those of you who haven't met her) Rob and the kids gave me some fun electronics. We're such geeks. Yes, I was excited! One was a new memory card hub (by my request) and the other is a new router. That one will help us all! I also got some really pretty flowers, a bottle of bubbly (red sparkling), and several cards. My two moms (mine and Rob's) bought me fabric. They didn't know at the time they were mailing their cards of course. Wink! And daddy is sending us to the US for the summer. I'm excited! Tomorrow we're going to see a play at the Kelley Theater, and next week we're seeing Jamie Cullum in Zurich!!!!!!!!!!

We had birthday dinner tonight. I have been experimenting with this no-pasta lasagna. I'm using zucchini instead of the pasta. This time I grilled the zucchini in a pan before putting the dish together. That helped it cook faster and made it yummier. While I was cutting the zucchini I thought, I bet there's an easier way.... Sure enough, deep in the recesses of the kitchen gadget storage container (the hutch) there was a never been used before veggie slicer! Kitchen gadget geekiness wins! And we had lemon cake and strawberry cupcakes. Yummy!

We got these fun little monsters in the store called Smooshies. It was kind of an accident, but a cool one. Jennifer ordered some little ones to see what they were and they were really cute. There were these little cans of parts that I THOUGHT were complete mini monsters, so I ordered a whole set. It turned out that they were just parts! RANDOM parts! So Corinnea and Jennifer went through the website and ordered some bodies. So I bought two today and some parts. These plus the mini equaled a cute little set of monsters. But Haven wanted more parts. Knowing she would have to save money for them, she went through my craft stuff, found felt and velcro, and set to making her own monster parts!

So far she has made the two ears/horns here. Her plan is to buy some more felt tomorrow.

It may seem silly, but I have been wanting her to be crafty for so long. She really is so artistic, but her desire to rebel means she sometimes refuses to have anything to do with anything crafty that I might like to do. So if buying a silly fluffy monster body is what it takes to get her to do something crafty, so be it! I'm so proud of her and her creativity!


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday to you, again, Kelly! I'm so glad it was a good one for you.

Hooray Haven! Hooray for being crafty! I so hope that Elora inherited my crafty gene, and that she will be willing to play with me. I won't try to force it down her throat, though. I'm pretty sure that's the fastest way possible to make her hate crafting.

Jennifer said...

happy birthday again too! So sad you had to go to RB that day. But your cake was good:) I ate it thinking of yu..actually I ate it and wanted to throw up. becasue I ate too much!! That cake was GOOD!! Don't know about the cupcakes but I'm sure they were good:)

I'm happy you got good stuff and had a nice dinner. I love that Haven is getting craftier. I guess we all hope our daughters will take it up. Emily wants to "help" me all the time!

corinnea said...

Seeing as I indulged in BOTH the cake and cupcakes, I can vouch for the deliciousness of them both. I love chocolate so thought I would be partial to the cake but then when I bit into the cupcake.....HOLY COW. I agree with you Kelly that they were the best they've ever been.

Hear's to Mary! The queen of baking!

Glad you had a nice B day.

Love Haven's monster parts additions.