Monday, October 20, 2008

A Preview of Fun to Come

They said I could sit on the Jedi Council but I can't be a Jedi Master. It's not fair!
There's more pictures on Jennifer's blog. I'll have more when I get them all cropped and edited.


mary said...

They look so cute, it looks like they were having fun. I loved all the pottery, I kept ohhhing and awwwwing as i took stuff out. You're so talented!

Margaret said...

What a fun play date!! Did you ever play starwars with siblings or cousins when you were a kids? My cousins and I played Dukes of Hazzard(Duke is my maiden name) and occasionaly Star Wars. We had light sabers but not the cools outfits Ethan and Emily have!

Jenny P. said...

I played "war" with my friends. dressing up in my dads BDU's. We didn't do much..but we did get in to his MRES. 25 years ago they were yuck! I hear they are a little btter now. oh! And we played Xanadu on our roller skates! And that Ice Castle MOvie with the blind girl. We would try and skate with our eyes shut. Not that this post was about "what we did when we were little" but Margaret got me thinking!