Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Art imitating life?

I'm watching the news and they just had this funny interview with one of the actors from the West Wing. I didn't really watch this in the states, so I haven't paid attention in, well, seven years? but I guess they're having an election season on the show. So the two candidates are being played by Alan Alda (rep) and Jimmy Smits (dem). So they're doing the show and it's really looking a lot like real life and apparently each actor goes secretely to the producer and says, "hey, I really want to win this election." HILARIOUS! The ACTORS were lobbying the producer to win a fake election! HAHAHA! I love it! That would totally be me!!!


corinnea said...

Maybe the person that wins on tv could really BE president!!

Kelly's Korner said...

Haha! They might be more qualified... oh, but I didn't say that. Wouldn't it ROCK if Alan Alda was president!!!

Leslie Cervantez Photography said...

ok, I have been tagged!