Friday, August 15, 2008


We met the youth group at Sensapolis tonight. This place is totally awesome! It's called the Place of 1000 Adventures and it's really cute. They have three main areas: space, midieval, and forest. In the space area they have a huge "space ship" with aliens and big slides, and a cool science area with things to do. In the midieval area they have a huge castle, activities, dress up clothes, and more. In the forest area you can rock climb, do some small water activities (not the kind where you actually get wet) and they have stuff hanging from the ceiling you can climb on. Oh, and a pirate ship. It's really fun. Highly recommended for anyone with kids who can walk!

(Ethan's not really crying in this photo; he just looks like it. I think he was nervous about the "spinning" room.)


corinnea said...

That sounds fun! I may have to borrow a kid.

Jenny P. said...

Pick mine,pick mine (Corinnea)! My neighbir went right when it opened and she liked and highly recomended it too. Glad you went.