Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boston Weeks 3-5

Whoops, I got quite a bit behind in giving you a tour of Boston. I've been busy! So here's a not-so-quick round up of a few things.

Boston Tea Party

I think I was more impressed with the fact that those tiny little boats went across the ocean than I was with the people throwing tea overboard...

I love the contrast of the tiny boat in front of the giant looming city.

While out walking one day I stumbled on to a reenactment of the Boston Massacre.

I was super impressed with the costumes, and chuckled at a group of young men discussing methods of binding buttonholes. That's probably not something you hear burly men talking about at the bar...

Did you know that the massacre was only five people? I was expecting like half the town was wiped out. Nope. Five people. Who were haggling a British guard...

They used the incident to fan the flames of the revolution. So, ok, it was an important incident... but seriously, should we be calling it a massacre?

I'm going to share the St. Patrick's Day parade separately so I can post more photos. Boston started celebrating St. Paddy's Day like a week in advance. No exaggeration. By the time March 17th actually got here everyone was all pooped out!

The best part of the celebration was CELTICS!!!

We scored some free tickets to the Celtics game through work. They were the very last row at the very top of the balcony, but it was a lot of fun. It was my first time at an NBA game.

It was perfect timing. Celtics, St. Patrick's Day, everything Irish... Including Irish Step Dancing at half time! Where else (besides Ireland) would this have been more perfect?!

And they won, so that made it even more fun!

Last thing for today - The Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
I should really do a post just on the museum, but I don't have enough photos to do a whole post, so it would just be me rambling about the amazing experience I had...

So I'll narrow it down for you. It's awesome. If you ever have a chance, go.

I spent two hours in the Ancient Art wing alone. Just wow.

Then I probably spent another two hours in the Asian/Middle Eastern wing. Incredible stuff. They have a Buddist temple set up inside the museum! It was just an amazing experience.

I practically ran through the regular art sections. I didn't linger in modern art very long. There was a Modrian, but it was a teeny tiny one. They have a collection of Rothschild family heirlooms that I took the time to look at, but didn't photograph. They have a Monet/Degas/Van Gogh/Renoir room that I did spend some time in. And of course Matisse and Picasso - my favorites. They had a visiting Klimt piece - Adam and Eve. It was pretty spectacular, but there were way too many people trying to look at it. And talking so loud! I guess it's not a library... but still.

I usually tell people I'm not into art museums, but what I learned in this museum is that it's a specific kind of art that I'm not interested in. Mainly Italian rennaissance. And Greek stuff. I just find it off putting. I'm not sure if it's the sex or the gore... It's just not my taste. Now - they do have a Da Vinci exhibit coming up and I would be totally into that. But even then I'm more interested in his inventions than his paintings...

I was about one hour from closing time and had seen every religious artifact from every continent on the planet and then stopped suddenly and realized I had not seen Jesus. Not once! Where was Jesus? So I went hunting. I found him - in Italian rennaisance! No wonder I hadn't seen him - he was in the art I dont' like! Hahahaha! Poor guy. But I had to go find him since I had given respect to everyone else's gods.

Ok, I bet that was pretty boring if you aren't into art, since I don't have photos. I took my camera, but I just felt disrepectful every time I got it out, even though it was allowed. So if you want to see really good photos of what I saw please visit their website. Museum of Fine Arts

Ok, next up I'll share some highlights from the parade. And then I'm almost finished with Boston. I only have three weeks left here!


Shirley Ann said...

Loving these posts! I am learning so much from you. The part about the massacre, wow, my jaw dropped. So interesting Kelly!

Jennifer said...

I'm learning a lot as well! I hope we can visit some day.