Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Crafting Statistics

I took some time off of work before Christmas, and then we got the 26th granted as a day off for federal employees. So I ended up with almost two weeks off of work! With all that free time, and no projects with deadlines, I spent a lot of time looking through my photos and playing with statistics! I hope you'll endulge me and enjoy my mosaics of all the sewing I did in 2014!


1 & 2. 1600 Quilts; 3. Briar Rose Quilt; 4. Lexington Kaleidoscope Quilt; 5. Trip Around the World; 6. Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt; 7. Mandala Quilt; 8. Kaleidoscope Quilt; 9. Southwestern Chevron; 10. X and + Quilt; 11. Southerwestern Tiles Quilt; 12. You Zig, I'll Zag


1. Rain Jacket; 2. Star Wars PJs; 3. Bianca Dress; 4. Clover Pants; 5. Josephine Blouse; 6. Bianca Maxi Dress; 7. Maxi Skirt; 8. Maxi Dress; 9. Halloween Costumes; 10. Jedediah Pants; 11. PJ pants; 12. School House Tunic

Small Projects

1. XO Table Runner; 2. Valentine Mini; 3. Cathedral Window; 4. Swoon Pillow; 5. Pinwheel Table Runner; 6. Lexington Pillow; 7. Rock Candy Table Topper; 8. Backpack; 9. Plus Table Runners

Number crunching:

I was surprised by how many quilts I made in 2014! That's about one per month. Of course most of them are still just tops and not finished, but I still count that. This is probably not the most sewing I have ever done in one year, but it's still pretty productive! I really enjoy sewing and it's still my favorite pastime.

Future Sewing:

If I was to make a sewing resolution for 2015 it would be to get some quilt tops actually quilted and finished. I also have the Renfrow shirt pattern and the Jalie Jeans pattern that I need to try out. And I will make a couple more pairs of Jedediah pants for Rob.

Thanks for reading my blog, and for encouraging my hobbies!


Shirley Ann said...

Love the variety of your projects. I always love the clothes you make!

Corinnea said...

This is great!! You did a lot! I've wanted to do the same thing. Maybe now I will take the time. Though with the crazy amount of after the kids left sewing I did, I may just seem crazy. Trying to finish up a 2014 quilt WIP today

Jennifer said...

can't believe you did so much! Well, I can but seeing it all there is crazy!

Jessica said...

I really wish mom would do one of these... it would be funny... and ridiculous....