Saturday, August 30, 2014

July Recap

Yep, it's the last day of August and I'm just now posting photos from July. It's been that kind of summer! So here's a quick run down. 

This is actually from June, but I didn't post this quilt. The pattern is You Zig, I'll Zag. I used Road 15 fabric from Moda. 
That is Rob's mom holding the quilt. It started as a quilt for Bob while he was going through chemo, but then he ended up not having to do chemo!! So it became their 50th wedding anniversary quilt. They have been on many journeys and lived in many places, so that's why I chose the zig zag quilt pattern and the road fabric.

I taught a bunch of classes, as usual. 

 I taught this young lady and her mother how to quilt. (Her mom didn't want to be photographed, but her quilt turned out great too!)
 Then we had a BLAST the next day making pillows all day! That's FOUR different pillows that we made in one day!
I taught the Washi Tunic to a group of girls.
 And I taught the Wilton Method 1 - Buttercream class. These are the girls with their graduation cakes. We started with 7, but some of the ladies couldn't make the last night of class.
 I made this Mendhi inspired cake one week of the class. Next time I attempt a design like this I will use a smaller piping tip!
And then this cake was my "graduation" cake. Rob was in the Philippines for his birthday, so we (me and the church friends) ate the ocean cake in his honor. : ) 
(The sand is brown sugar, but you should use raw sugar for a better color)

Before Rob left we went to the Stuttgart Jazz Open. We went for Jamie Cullum. It was our third time seeing him, and by far his best concert that we've been to. He was so amazing that night! 
That's a palace behind the stage. One of the neat things about living in Europe!

Through a crazy turn of events I bought a VESPA!!!! Yes I did! To make a very long story short - I got an amazing deal on this and paid way less than the retail price. I couldn't pass it up. It is SO.MUCH.FUN!!! 
 When we went to the States in June we left Ethan behind. (It was planned. Don't worry - we didn't forget a whole kid at the airport.) He stayed with my parents and spent the summer running around Texas! Here he is learning to water ski - something I never did manage to learn!
So that was July. Just one more month in our crazy life!


Shirley Ann said...

What a great month! You had my mouth watering as I scrolled through each cake. You are definitely the queen of quilting. :)

Corinnea said...

So many things!! All wonderful as usual. I sure miss crafting with you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Vespa!!

Jennifer said...

A vespa?? DO you ride it to work? So cool! I wanted one so bad in high school. Is it hard to ride?

and the cakes!!!!

Can't believe how many classes you teach. I miss crafting with you also. I've got no one here and actually I've had no one after I left Stuttgart. Not even friends who sewed like we did:(