Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Review

April wasn't quite as busy as March, but it was still a full month!

At work I taught three fun ladies how to quilt!
 And two people started their trip around the world with me!
 We tried something new with a Crafter's Flea Market. People brought their craft supplies to sell and trade. It didn't have a whole lot of people, but it was fun and we'll do it again!
 My girl pal Martha turned 50 and we had a super fun birthday party! She is one of the most generous people I know!
 Haven went away to her first school camp. She auditioned and got accepted to Honors Music Festival and sang in the choir. They were away for a week and sang for 8 hours every day to prepare for the concert!
 The concert was in a beautiful German building and they all sounded fantastic! The school video taped and streamed it live so family was able to watch it from anywhere in the world! Very impressive!
 Haven dyed her hair blonde. (which I forgot to mention to family BEFORE they watched the concert...)
Ethan broke his arm AGAIN. He was riding his bike on the bmx bike track and lost his grip. Poor kid. He's a trooper though. He had surgery and they inserted a little pin to hold the bone in place. He is out of the cast now, but will have the pin in for another month at least.
 I didn't really get pictures at Easter, but I did catch the cat discovering his basket!
 I learned something new!
Rob and I got to go to the Toppers awards ceremony to pick up the trophy.

And I went to Canvas and Corkscrews again and painted a tribute to Germany. :)
It was a fun and joyful month!

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Shirley Ann said...

Wow! Congratulations to Haven; what an achievement! Looks like you are busy nonstop!