Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Backpack

I LOVE my old backpack but I thought it was a little big. And of course new fabric came in that was perfect for my second backpack!
 I used a different pattern this time and it's a little smaller.
 I made it exactly according to the instructions, with only one change: a key hanger. Oh, I lied... I did add one little zippered pocket for the unmentionables a woman needs to carry. But other than that the pattern was great as is!
The front pocket has little credit card slots, which I would never use for actual credit cards... but it's nice for little things like my name tag and usb stick. It would probably be fine for loyalty cards too, but with only a velcro closure nothing is going in there as valuable as a credit card!
 The fabric is a super lovely new line from Riley Blake called Vintage Verona.

Pattern is "Got Your Back Backpack Purse" from byAnnie.

So I was cleaning the sewing room today and found a whole huge piece of soft and stable! I wish I had found it BEFORE I made the backpack, but that's ok. I ordered more for the store so I can recommend it if I teach this as a class. So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to whoever left it behind!

This past week was Spring Break, however we spent it at home rather than our planned trip to Paris. Someone fell off his bike at the bike track and broke his arm. This kid. He said he was laying on the ground and didn't cry or scream, but yelled "dangit! I broke my arm AGAIN!" Poor thing. So he's in a cast again. This time it's his left wrist. I spent one day watching "how to fall" videos on YouTube with him to try to get some tips on how not to keep breaking bones. Sigh.


Shirley Ann said...

This is absolutely beautiful!! I need to get this pattern for my stash. This fabric is so pretty. Wow, broke his arm again! What a tough guy you have there, and a great mom to look at videos to see how to better fall. LOL Awesome!

Jennifer said...

love the back pack! The fabric is soooo cute!!! I love all the little details like the bias tape. They should just include key hangers on all purses and purse patterns. It should be the law!

I can't believe how some people can get through their whole life not breaking a bone and then some people break many!