Sunday, March 2, 2014

Show and Tell (for real)

(note: I accidently posted this before it was finished. Oops!)

February was a really busy month for me as an instructor. I really enjoy teaching adult sewing classes. The only hard part is having enough different projects for the people who take multiple classes! 

I taught the Heart Twister wall hanging
I also taught the same lady as above (plus one other) Machine Quilting, but I forgot to take a picture! 

At Sunday Sewing one of the gals had some help from her hubby!

At today's Sunday Sewing I felt like a short order cook of sewing! All the ladies were working on something different and almost everyone needed help. So I had to keep track of several different projects and what their next steps would be. I kind of like that because it's never boring!

Andrea learned how to make PJ pants. 

We had some pillow case making, a tote bag, and a skirt that was started in a kids class.

 Lucy was all business trying to turn her UFO into a finished quilt top. A few more rows to go. That's it on the wall in the back of the photo. Beautiful, right? 

And Kim, who SWORE she would hate quilting, finished her first lap quilt and the backing fabric. She's already bought the fabric for her next project!

I love seeing how happy it makes people to be able to look at something cool and say "I made that." And I love seeing the students grow over the years that they are here!

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Shirley Ann said...

Great photos full of fun!