Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Minecraft Crafting

Do you have a boy in your life who has gotten sucked into the wonderful world of Minecrafting? I do. It doesn't make me happy. But I suppose it's better than shooting games and blood and gore. If you aren't familiar, you can read about it here. It's quite the "movement."

This school year we have a new rule. No screen time during the school week. Can I tell you how much this has improved our evenings? Well, at least mine. Ethan thinks I'm torturing him, but it has made a huge difference in my stress levels. It's so quiet in the house now! Do you have school age kids? How much electronic entertainment do you allow during the week? 

Even though I think Minecraft is terribly boring, I get that Ethan and all his friends enjoy it. Since a couple of boys have birthdays this week I decided to do some Minecraft crafting of my own. I've been using this Interfacing Piecing method to make blocks with 2 1/2" squares. (I have a few more projects in line to be blogged)

Minecraft Pillow

This is the front and back of the pillow. The front character is called "Creeper" and the back character is called "Enderman." I used five different colors of green, plus black to make creeper. Ethan L.O.V.E.D. it. He didn't really want to give it away as a gift, but I assured him more would be coming. I have plans to make other characters too.


Corinnea said...

Fun gift! You know if Ethan liked it, it will be a big hit! I really have no clue re:minecraft.

Shirley Ann said...

Ooooh, I need to make one of these. Logan is into Minecraft. He and several friends all Skype and play together. In one way I think it is okay because they are verbally communicating so they are not lacking in social skills, and also the game is complex so they are using their minds. There is a lot of good with it, but I have had your same questions.

Tina said...

My grand sons love Minecraft and talk about all the time while i am trying to appear interested. The pillow however is a great idea , I can believe that Ethan and his friends love it. I will have to check with my grand son who is having a birthday soon about a Minecraft Quilt. Well done Kelly, you do such super great stuff.

Adrienne said...

Haha, my husband plays Minecraft too! And people have created some really amazing things in the Minecraft world. The pillow is a great idea, I bet it's a HUGE hit with the recipient!

The girls are already obsessed with electronics. They are both TV junkies (right now their poison of choice is My Little Pony on Netflix) and will, if allowed, sit and watch TV all day long. When we curtail that activity, they think they're entitled to play with our phones, or to play on PBSkids.org on our computers. It's ridiculous. They've gotten so bad that there's currently a TV ban in effect at our house, and I haven't decided yet when it will be lifted.

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