Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raglan T-Shirt

This is one of the shirts I made for the trip to the US in the summer. It was super easy! I used this tutorial, which was actually written for a child's shirt, but translated to an adult shirt just fine. I had seen this shirt during the Spring Top Sew-Along and I immediately googled the fabric and ordered it online!! 

At first I tried a different pattern, but I ended up messing up the pink fabric. So in the end I copied it almost exactly! Why try to improve on perfection?

So here is one of the process shots. I ended up finding a cheapo pink t-shirt to replace the pink fabric I ruined. I was able to cut the sleeves from the shirt bottom so I didn't have to do hem them!
 If you think you want to make one, do follow the instructions in the link above. They are great!

And here's the shirt in action, at Corinnea's house.
I think I should have made a bit deeper and rounder scoop neck, and probably a little longer at the bottom. But other than that, it turned out to be a great easy wearing t-shirt.

Fabric: Heaven & Helsinki, Patty Young
Pattern: Raglan Tee Tutorial


Corinnea said...

I love it. I still need to make one.... Miss you!!!

Shirley Ann said...

That turned out beautifully!

Jennifer said...

you can't post two back to back! I might have missed this one!! I love this shirt!I may have a thing for baseball tees...I got a pattern for it a while back (company starts with a J and makes a lot of dance wear patterns..can't think of the name of it) anyway, I have yet to make it. Love the fabric you chose!!!!!

Jennifer said...

found it. It was driving me crazy.