Sunday, October 7, 2012

As Seen on Pinterest - Cooking with Pumpkin

Here in Germany fall is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy the season than cooking with pumpkin?!

If you like spice or carrot cake then you will love pumpkin cupcakes!
 I actually clicked on a link to a pumpkin praline cake, but that led me to the cupcakes which worked better for the event I was taking them to. I made a homemade cream cheese frosting, AND candied pecans to sprinkle on the top! Oh yeah, I even impressed myself with that one!

Last year when we went to Italy I had the most amazing pumpkin ravioli!
 When I found this recipe on Pinterest I was so excited!! I had never made fresh pasta before, and it was pretty fun!
 If you live where I live the commissary actually has the pecorino cheese! You can see the bag above so you know what you are looking for.
The noodles were a little thick in the beginning, but eventually I got the hang of it. The next day I browned the leftovers in butter instead of boiling them and then they were amazing!!!

Welcome fall!
PS. All the pics on this post were taken on my iphone. Please don't let the quality of my pics stop you from trying these amazing recipes!

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Corinnea said...

Everything looks great! I need to try the pumpkin cupcakes. The ravioli.... it looks amazing but it really tastes good?? Of course that cheese can make almost anything taste good.
It was finally a wee bit cooler here today!